Thursday, 10 August 2017

free choice blog post

Free choice blog post

My brother slept under the bed

On last week saturday i was walking into my bedroom and i found my brother sleeping under his bed on his mattress with no blanket on him and he had stuffed his pillow i was thinking in my head he must be cold and he looks so comfortable  and then he woke up and bumped his head on the planks that we nailed into his bed then we put him in his bed and i went to bed and said good night to my aunty and fell a sleep.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Name of problem: holiday pay
Describe the problem :
I had  120 planks of wood ¾ of it was taken outside
1/10 of what was left
7 planks were then  taken out by a group that arrived late

These are the strategies and knowledge I used to solve the problem.
(add more bullet points for each step)
Task 1
30 + 30+ 30 + 30 =120                            120 - 90 = 30                                              120 - ¾ =30

Task 2
30 - 3 = 27                                    30 - 1/10 = 27                             27 - 7 = 20

  1. Repeated addition
  2. Place value
Describe how you used 2 learning muscles:

Making Links and noticing muscle?

I used my making links muscle to remember from last year from what i learnt and then used my knowledge this year
Photo of the task:

Aug 1, 2017 9:36:08 AM.jpgAug 1, 2017 9:37:37 AM.jpg

Thursday, 8 June 2017

hastings boys high writing


Dear hastings boys high

Me as a parkvale student wants to thank you for your amazing performance that you have put together for us and taking time off school to come to parkvale and perform .you guys are very talented and you also have real good voice and rhythm. You guys made me laugh at some of the moves that you done in your dance and moves.

i like how you did pacifica and when you were performing it made me feel more confident to do it this year thank you for making me get rid of may fears and making me more guys were amazing and loud when you guys started singing i new that it was going to be amazing. Your guys kapahaka performance was mind blowing i really enjoyed your guys performance it was truly amazing.

From shaquantae  # parkvale

Thursday, 27 April 2017

camp kaitawa thank you letter

Dear   mr cooper

Thank you mr cooper  for helping us with everything that we did at camp. I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything that you have done for us at camp. When we were going caving you helped us get through the holes and safely back out.  You made sure that we didn’t fall down the deep holes!
Thank you for keeping us safe at rock hopping. It was cool how you gave us clues during the doing the amazing race. I thought that it was funny and embarrassing when we were doing the undie run, that we did after we came back from or walks. That was one of the most embarrassing things that i've ever done in my entire life.

One of the funny things that happened at camp was when we stopped to have a break when we're on our way back to school was when we sore oscars e’s dad going toilet in the grass where everyone could see him.

Also í want to thank you for taking time off work just to come to camp kaitawa with us.

Thank you

From Shaquantae